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When it comes to food handling , import and export, maintaining high levels of hygiene, quality and safety are crucial. This is why, at 73 Deals, we meet international food safety and quality standards through various quality checks and following strict protocols throughout the process. This has allowed us to be accredited to a number of quality and food safety certifications. Being accredited to FSSAI, APEDA, and other certifications, we make sure the entire process meets the top quality and food safety standards. Be it the food handling, packaging, or processing, we make sure that everything is done in accordance with the stringent protocols. We are an Indian government-certified and one of the best Import Export Service Provider in India of food products.
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Happy Customers
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Winning Awards


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Completed Projects

To manufacture and helps in controlling the carbon emission by producing the best quality Biomass Pellets.

To Cultivate, manufacture, process and serve best in class food retaining freshness and hygiene, fit for the daily consumption.

A globally recognized OEM of Biomass Pellets and Top Import Export Company in India nourishing each day.

Who We Are?

We are a group of young and enthusiastic individuals who have come together for a single goal of being a global leader in food trading. We believe that India is known for our spices and food export is key to our country’s growth. Prioritizing in exporting Indian spices and other food products, we are also analysts and researchers who possess an up to date global food market database to help you.

What We Do?

We provide customers with the service of spices export from India. But we also understand the demand for Indian food, which is why we also offer all kinds of food export from India. From helping you find the right buyers to packaging your food and sending it off, our complete services will ensure that you face absolutely no difficulties. Be it Europe, middle-east, the Americas, or wherever you want the food to be exported, we make sure that the job is done.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our product line with unparalleled quality is in accordance with clients requirements and conforms to global standards. We provide best Services all over the world with fine quality:
  • Quality Assurance

    Our team constantly gives their inputs to the team on improving the standards. Being quality conscious organization, all our agro based products from associated growers are closely monitored at every stage of their life cycle till packaging which can be tested in APEDA recognized laboratories as per the Client’s requirements. On the other hand our Biomass pellet has their own International standards, EN Plus and DIN Plus Certification from their respective committees.
  • Packaging Unit

    The packaging team ensures secure packaging of the products. The offered packaging protects the product from extreme temperatures, water damage and contamination with other goods. It also ensures the necessary properties of food products are retained.
  • Warehousing Facility

    We have a well-equipped and spacious warehouse where we store our products in an organized manner. The products can be easily stored on the pallets. We have different sections for varied products. The thoroughly managed storage allows easy access. The unit is well maintained by the warehousing personnel.
  • Weighbridge

    By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.
  • Sorting Machine

    The developed automated sorting machine is able to incorporate flexibility and separate goods of non-ferrous metal objects and at the same time move objects automatically to the basket as defined by the regulation of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with a capacitive proximity sensor to detect a value range of objects.
  • Grading Machine

    Grading Machine is used to grade foods, and may involve sorting products by size, shape and quality. For example, machinery can be used to remove spoiled food from fresh product.

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