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73 Deals is one of the best Disposable Items Suppliers in India, Supplying the best quality packaging products to worldwide with competitive price. Packaging products are ecofriendly and helpful to keep our environment net and clean. We have to avoid a use of plastic and start to use a paper packaging products. There are many ways to reduce the environmental pollution that stems from your home simply by choosing eco friendly products. Start a use of paper packaging products is our first initiate to save our planate from harmful material. We are deal in packaging products like boxes, containers, paper bags, food packaging and jute bags.
73 Deals
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Disposable Items

Mono Carton Box
Paper Takeaway Boxes
Aluminium Foil Container
Paper Containers
Corrugated Fiberboard
Paper Bags
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Fork
Plastic Knife
Aluminium Foil Catering Tray
Aluminium Foil Mat-Pac
Aluminium Foil Paper
Aluminium Foil Plastic Paper
Aluminium Foil Takeaway Food Containers
Aluminium Foil Take-out Container Tray Lid
Aluminium Platter Fruit Bowl Rectangle Circle
Egg Carton Paper Tray
Plastic Lid Containers
Plastic Packaging Food
Plastic Recycling Bread Pan Tray Punnet
Why Choose Us

Why 73 Deals Is The Best Import Export Company in India?

  • Get Buyers For Your Food Products

    No matter the type of food or spice you plan on exporting, we will ensure that you get genuine buyers for your products who meet your expectations.
  • Best Quality Food Trading Services

    Our stringent policies make sure that food handling and trading is in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Global Presence

    Even if you are planning to export across multiple continents, we’ve got you covered. Our global presence will allow your products to be exported to various countries.
  • Save Your Time & Cost For Searching Markets

    Understanding and researching the market by yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. But with 73 Deals, we will do that for you instead.
  • Reliable & Trusted Services

    Trust is a pillar of our services. Our transparent and reliable operations ensure that you feel at ease with our services.
73 Deals
73 Deals

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